We are thankful for and humbled by the generosity of all of those who have given us their support and joined our Circle of Deceit.

Seraphim of Deceit:

With very special thanks for their amazing contributions of time and talent!

Abby Lindsay

Bianca Bloomfield

Bill Koss

Corinnne Kevorkian

Geoffrey Leven

Josh Mackie

Kathryn Ploetz and KateBake.com

Paul Adams

Reed Talada

Ted Wallace

Terence Nolan

Angels of Deceit

Andy Eckstein & Felice Ekelman

Ian Streicher

Kate Gaffney & Joseph Sweigart

Barbara Lemperly Grant

Reed Talada & Kathryn Ploetz


Director’s Circle

Ken & Lynn Sellin

Paul & Sherri Kelley

Suzanne Pennasilico

Kevin Howell

Anonymous x 2

Friends of Deceit

Alban Merdani

Beth Milner

Eric Chase

Janice Langrall & Robert Burden

Jordan Fliss

Judy Langer

Kathryn Daniels

Kim McGrath

Lisa Baron

Margaret Ibasco

Mila Hover

Ron Bopst

Stephen Yaffe & Barbara Vaccaro

Lynda Rodolitz

Sarah Huadji

Anonymous x 10

Archangels of Deceit

Terence Nolan & Corinne Kevorkian

in memory of Mary Kathryn Kilger

in memory of Alma Kiesel

in memory of Jane McCormick

Anonymous x 2

Producer’s Circle

Chris & Laura Theodoros

Constance & Todd Hoza

Daniel Kolody

Debra Bartelli & John Kaltner

Konstantina Papalexiou & Evan Nanos

Michael McCaffery & Pauline Ores

Ted Candella

Abby Lindsay

Roberta Gordon

Charles & Rosemary Brown

Partners in Deceit

Amy Cococcia

Brent Reilly

Dale VanPelt

Jacklyn Maddux

Janet Hoffman

John Moore

Linda Adams

Mark Silver

Mary McClean

Marykate Harris & David Kimball

Michael Sirkin

Nicholas & Louise Lomangino

Phyllis Charney

Rasa Kazlaz

Scott  Jones & Yvonne Cole

Stuart Lewis

Tim Boerkoel

Laurence Simpson

Delia Guazzo

Lisa Whitney

Shona Gibson

Karen Griswold

Glory Gallo